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Welcome to WA Native Gardens Wiki

Welcome to WA Native Gardens Wiki! This site is for sharing; sharing stories of your garden, knowledge about WA Native Garden plants, your passion for all things ‘yummy wildflowers in the garden’ like…..and any contributions you are willing to make to help others learn more about our amazing heritage of WA flora.

Dr J.S. Beard, foundation Director of Kings Park and Botanic Gardens in 1969 wrote the foreword for the first edition of The West Australian Gardener magazine [1]. He stated

    "For continuing success in horticulural practice as well as for new developments and progress, it is essential to have free dissemination of information. Each succeeding generation of growers has to acquire the "know-how" of its forebears, and new ideas have to make themselves felt. In a small community people meet one another readily and such informtion gets passed around by word of mouth. As a community grows, however, it becomes more and more difficult for everyone to meet and get to know everyone else and breakdowns in communication are liable to occur. At this stage, the printed word can be brought in to replace the spoken word, creating an entirely new communication channel."
    "It will also be clear to us that if we have this need for a gardening magazine, we do need our own in Western Australia because our soil and climate both differ markedly from those in the eastern states. Material published for eastern stated readers is not always of very much help to us. This is particularly the case in the field of cultivating native plants, where the West Australian flora is of such a unique character... This new "know-how" needs to be passed on, and we hope very much in the future to be able to use the pages of this journal for the purpose" 

Dr Beard's statements are as relevant today as it was in 1969, especialy when information of our forebears are 'dying' with them.

We live in an amazing part of the world, truly amazing, and with the WA Native Gardens Wiki we’re sharing the life’s work of several generations of ‘Wildflower Women’. These three generations of women; Eileen J Croxford, Hazel E Dempster and Susan Dempster have all had their passion and career with West Australian plants and the people who want to learn about them. We ask you to join us if you will, as we all work together to ‘Bring Nature Home’. As we share with you our stories we would love for you to share your gardening stories with us. Share as a contributor, reader, editor or photographer, all are welcomed!

As you search through the site, we invite you to look beyond the latin names and technical information. Can you feel a connection to your WA flora heritage? Do you have a sense of connection to our country? Can you, for a moment, think like a lizard or small bird, or view your garden through the eyes of a native bee or damsel fly?

We hope that you will join us and enjoy the journey as you explore our WA Native Garden stories, and in case it isn’t said, thank you in advance for any and all contributions you care to make!

Starting out

Browsing our pages will give you the ideas behind the WA Native Garden Wiki. Essentially, we're keen to support you by sharing the art of gardening with our WA Native Garden Plants.

There are many wonderful examples of beautiful gardens created with nothing more than the right plant and the soil they love. That is, the natural soil (sand, loam or clay) that our plants thrive in.....just add water (and a little love!).

To make searching easier, we have set up categories of pockets. Pockets are specific garden areas, searchable by suburb, habitat focus or garden purpose. Each of these pockets has a unique code, which relates to one of our community members as the owner of the garden pocket and a fellow contributor to our Wiki.

Of course if you are new to the site, try putting what you are looking for in the search bar in the top right hand corner of the page. If the idea of WA native plants in a natural home garden is all new to you, maybe start with the six seasons of WA to get an understanding of how you can work with our unique climate and environment to create a garden full of colour all year.

Contributing to the wiki

If you haven't contributed to a wiki before, try using google and search for 'mediawiki tutorials'. This site operates in exactly the same as 'wikipedia', so any instructions on how to add or edit a page in wikipedia will work on this site. I found this mediawiki tutorial to be a good starting point. Any serious problems please contact our sponsors for technical support at WA Native Gardens Support


Thanks to our sponsors WA Native Gardens for providing and supporting the site financially and technically, and acting as custodians of the collective wisdom surrounding our West Australian native garden plants.


  1. The West Australian Gardener, December 1969