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We use Nature's G.I.F.Ts as a tool so gardeners can connect with the steps required to visualise their garden within the urban corridor.

West Australia's nature connects into the true depth of colour, structure, texture, form and height. WA nature creates inspiration, diversity and intrigue. The story goes that WA gardeners "don't like WA plants because the a too big, brown, ugly and well just plain old bushy" who would want them in the garden...right? Maybe, just maybe these people cant see them? Maybe they have plant blindness.[1] What do you see?

This questions is asked all the time by WA Native Gardens because what is seen in WA flowers and foliage is colour, vivid colours to the point that some plants when the weather is hot, the colour of petals can get brighter and brighter. The brightness can stay for many days or weeks or months. How could one not see such beauty?

We also see structure of branches and trunks which have strong lines and architectural curves which change of the seasons. We see textures of foliage can be rough like sand paper, or soft like lambs ears, or prickly like thorns and smooth or shiny like satin. They all form a part of natures eye catching game.

Forms of the plants can be round, vase shape, erect, dome like and mounding like a baseball pitchers mound. The diversity of forms all have a part to play in natures game for fauna homes. Height of plants which vary from small pretty colourful flowers to small compact plants to taller plants and trees all standing and connecting as a community.

Now image the root systems are exactly the same underneath the ground...amazing!

Visualising is essential to connecting into WA Native Gardens. What happy memories do you have walking in the bush, in a park, smelling the scents of the bush, landscape or garden. It is all part of the visualisation.

All of these natural aspects have the ability to create beautiful gardens and without adding anything to the WA soils. Using WA plants enables every gardener and non gardener to connect into a unique sense of style and sense of place as this is where we live... in Western Australia.

Nature's G.I.F.Ts

Nature's G.I.F.Ts are are guide on how to make beautiful and colour gardens using Western Australian plants in Western Australia.


What do you aspire to have? What is the purpose of the garden? Do you want to use it for relaxing? Do you want to attract birds and insects into the garden? What is the function of the garden? Are you needing privacy? Do the children need a place to play? Do you socialise? Which garden is on your mind the most?


Which types of nature inspires you? How do you see yourself in the garden? Whats missing in the garden for you? Which windows do you look out of the most...what do you want to look at? Sounds and you have memories and natural areas or parks that you connected with?

First steps

What is currently in the garden? What can you do in your garden? What support do you need or is it just a bit of garden guidance? Do you have time frames you would like to meet? What ever you do dont any any products at this point until the action has been agreed. Every garden is different and not every garden need to have its soil changed.

Transitional Seasonally

As planting can be done in any season, it is allowing all of the thing which need to happen, happen in the time it needs to happen. Finding your gardening flow is important. It is presented today that gardens need to be created in one instant. This is not true. Western Australia has 6 aboriginal Noognar seasons, gardens can be created over 12 months and have the opportunity to connect to many more beautiful and colourful WA flowers.

Plant Selection

Obviously plant selection is a very important element. TBC