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Using the Natures G.I.F.T's

This garden pocket (which we call WALCAR) is in South Fremantle, and is in one of our clients gardens. Something about wind, area, blah...

Goals: Using nature at its best as inspiration and by know which WA plants can be grown to achieve the meadow effect


The garden goals is to create a verge garden which follows the council guidelines, a verge with seasonal colour throughout the year and easy maintainable.

Before: to remove the existing lawn and to create a meadow like garden.


The image of the garden is to look and feel like a meadow and to use nature as inspiration.

First Steps: The dead grass was rotary hoed into the sand. The sand was then mounded like a snake.

First Steps[edit]

There was lots to do before we planted.

  • do away with the couch grass...forever
  • stop the sand running on to the footpath, driveway, road
  • prepare the pocket for planting

Transition - Seasonal Planting[edit]

The inital season planted was Birak. This create seasonal colour and specific plants were installed to create structure i.e. 'bones'.

  • the plant list is co-created between Sue from WA Native Gardens and the client, with a focus on suiting the meadow effect and colour all year round.
  • the plants are laid out ready for planting (with care to keep them moist and cared for)
  • the plants are put in the soil (read here on how to do that successfully for this season)
Transition Seasonal Planting: Birak seasonal planting and digging big holes for the WA plants to get their roots into the ground.


The plants that are used in this garden have been chosen to create a habitat structure divided into three sections. One section is the backdrop which includes an existing tree, to which we added plants that grow to one metre. These are a combination of tufted, round and vase in shape.

The plants used are: